Google Chrome

Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.75 Free

The fastest browser available, created by Google, sporting an enormous plugin and design gallery

Many of us don’t even remember what the world was like before Google released its browser. Google Chrome's greatness doesn’t lie in the fact that it's the fastest and safest browser, as Google doesn’t miss a chance to point out, but rather in the fact that it's a catalyst facilitating the changing of the Internet as we know it.
Google entered the dormant world of browsers, where there was one uncontested ruler, named Internet Explorer, and one serious (yet pretty far off) contestant named Firefox. The latter, had tried and even succeeded in offering an improved alternative mainly due to its plugin gallery, but because of the colossal financial resources put in by Google, the whole market was shook back to life and Microsoft woke up to a brand new market in which it wasn’t the most commonly used browser anymore.
Google is a fast and safe browser that keeps getting better on a daily basis
The frequency of changes and updates Google releases for its browser is greatly higher than the one the browser market was accustomed to prior to its release of Google Chrome. As a matter of fact, it's safe to say that anyone browsing today with Internet Explorer or Firefox owes a great deal to Chrome, since these browsers had greatly improved once the new competition had hit the market.
Google constantly improves its browser, adds features (which sometimes do nothing but annoy users like the launching of Chrome App Launcher), and resolves security issues. In addition its plugin gallery which also includes web applications is probably superior to any alternative offered by other browsers. Somewhat like Apple had won over consumers due to its applications and not only due to the device, so does Google Chrome succeed in winning over many users (mostly computer geeks, but don't be petty!) due to its unique plugins.
Simplicity of design leads to convenient browsing
Combining the search box with the URL line (omnibox) had allowed Google to save precious screen area which is now better used for what really interests you – the site you're currently visiting. In addition, it negated the breach which allowed for unnecessary toolbars to be installed. The option to log into the browser by means of users' Google accounts, which most users found weird at first, enables you to retrieve passwords and save bookmarks, even if your PC had caught fire. Besides, once you're used to it, you can't begin to fathom how you ever got along with it.
An anonymous browser when you want it to be one, but a browser that shares a lot of information should you fail to set it otherwise
Incognito mode will enable you to browse anonymously without having a family member accidently finding out you've just bought them a gift on an online shopping site (of course Google's engineers created Incognito mode for situations precisely like this one…). However, Google's browser shares a lot of information with the Internet giant, formally for collecting general statistical data, but many users feel that the Internet giant already knows way too much about them, and choose to unmark that option during installment.
Users come first